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New Film “Eighth Grade” Studies Affect of Cell Phone on Teenager

Bo Burnham, a 27-year-old comedian, singer-songwriter and former YouTube star, was determined to avoid the usual gimmicks and pitfalls in his debut feature film, “Eighth Grade,” a dramedy about a week in the life of an awkward teenage girl. “Eighth Grade,” which opened in select cities on Friday, centers on 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher), who escapes into the fun house mirrors of Instagram, Snapchat and her YouTube advice channel.

The movie arrives amid growing concern that so-called screenagers have become too addled, too distracted, irretrievably plunged into a parallel digital reality. A recent Pew survey, for example, found that some 45 percent of teens say they use the internet “almost constantly” — a figure that has nearly doubled from the 24 percent who said that in a 2014-15 survey.

And nearly a quarter of teen respondents to the Pew survey (24 percent) described the effect of social media on their lives as mostly negative. (The largest share, 45 percent, said the effect was neither positive nor negative.) Fisher, whose other film credits include voicing one of the protagonist’s daughters in the “Despicable Me” franchise, said the psychological toll of social media on teens can feel “overstimulating and numbing,” creating the sense of a “midlife crisis when you’re 12.”

Source: ABC News

Commentary: Albert Einstein predicted this. He said people would lose interest in the world and never look up from their screens in the future. Well, the future has arrived. We chose the Health and Fitness category for this blog post due to the fact that people, not just teenagers, constantly staring at a screen on a cellphone or other device, besides being bad for their eyes, is causing them to miss out on so much more the world has to offer. There is nature, and other people in the flesh, and real, face to face conversations. There are sports to be played, live entertainment, like concerts, bands, plays, to be seen. All being missed by people who would rather stare at the screen of a cellphone. They are able to create a world that is a fantasy, rather than learning to deal with reality. This is just one more way we are separating ourselves from each other and the world. What do you think?


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