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What Is All This “Fake News” Business?

US President Donald Trump has popularised the term ‘fake news’ and used it to attack the news media. Nearly two years after Trump’s shock win, a debate is still raging on the impact of ‘fake news’ on the presidential campaign. The build-up saw numerous examples of hoaxes and false news stories — one about Hillary Clinton’s alleged links to a child sex ring, another about the Pope purportedly endorsing Trump — which was shared massively and some believe could have swung votes to tip Trump to victory. Misinformation had ‘a significant impact’ on voting decisions, according to Ohio State University researchers, who questioned voters about whether they believed certain false stories.

Since the election, Trump has denounced as ‘fake news’ any information that displeases him while his aides have offered a mixture of truth and distortions, sometimes described as ‘alternative facts.’ This has hurt the credibility of the US news media and led some to describe the current period as a ‘post-truth era’ — an age without a shared reality. ‘The truth is no longer seen as important,’ said John Huxford of Illinois State University, whose research focuses on false information, adding that ‘lies and fabrication even seem to bolster one’s reputation and political prowess among their core supporters.’ Some studies suggest that more people are willing to believe falsehoods as partisanship has risen.

Source: Top Global News

Commentary: The above trend of people believing anything their preferred politician says is scary shit. It is SO much like the followers of Hitler, people adored and worshipped him and never questioned anything that came out of his evil mouth. And don’t think we are being alarmist by comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. History, we fear, has a way of repeating itself. However, we do not think that level-headed Americans will let anything drastic happen under the reign of Heil Trump. There would be a revolution first.

But how is this term ‘fake news’ coined by Trump affecting the rest of the news we hear and read? Our biggest concern is that it has allowed a big lack in journalistic integrity. Along with the advent of the internet where anyone can say anything and call it ‘news,’ the days of actually finding the truth of what happened will sadly require digging by those who want nothing but the truth. And even then, spin doctors are busy softening real news or making it more serious than it is to sell papers, magazines, and gain online traffic. In a world that is more often than not resembling a circus with carnival barkers reporting the news, as global citizens it is our duty to find the truth and share it. That is something we will continue to do at World News Commentary. We invite your commentary below. What do you think about “fake news?” Will we ever get back to a place of journalistic integrity?

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