Group of New York Moms Reuniting Separated Immigrant Families

About 2,500 migrant children are still scattered across the country waiting to be reunited with their parents after the Trump administration largely missed one court-ordered deadline to reunify families separated at the border and appears set to miss the next deadline, July 26.

Fed up with the delays, a group of nine mothers in New York City has developed a system to help speed up the process. Immigrant Families Together is raising funds to cover bond costs for mothers who have been detained and is using a patchwork of supporters throughout the U.S. to help reunite them with their children.

The uncertainty and the reports of detained parents and children facing chilling abuse spurred these mothers who have little, if any, experience with immigration issues to launch the initiative in June. The group is raising funds for legal services and bond costs, which are often set at exorbitant rates. It then coordinates travel for the mothers. Once the families are reunited, the group provides housing, food, medical care and other services while the families wait for hearing dates.

In less than a month, the group has raised $260,000, largely through the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, and helped reunite six moms with 12 children.

“We want every child reunited,” said Meghan Finn, an organizer for Immigrant Families Together. “We’ve done that for six women… we’re really proud of that. We’ve done that in a short amount of time.”

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